Does it cost extra for you to create custom artwork?

In most cases, yes. Whenever new artwork is added to our system, the artwork must be digitized. Digitizing is a process of setting up the artwork so that our machines can understand it, and it can be properly embroidered onto your garment or made into a patch.

Digitizing requires a one-time setup fee, but once the design is in our system, it never has to be digitized again and you can order future items with that design at normal cost. The digitizing fee does not include the price of the garment itself.

How much does digitizing cost?

The amount of the digitizing fee varies depending on the complexity of the design. To get a rough estimate of your digitizing cost, multiply the number of colors in your design by 30. For example, if your design will have red, white, and blue with black outlines, your digitizing fee will probably be around $120. Again, this is only a rough estimate. Your cost could be slightly more or less depending on the level of detail in your image. You can always send us a sketch, picture, or description of your artwork for a more accurate price estimate. Or you can just upload the image with your order and we'll let you know the extra cost via email.

Again, the digitizing fee is a one-time setup fee, not per order. It only has to be paid once, then you can order future items at normal cost.

How do I pay for digitizing?

If you are ordering online, we will review your order and email you a link to remit payment for any extra features and any digitizing fees. If you are ordering by phone or fax, you can pay for the digitizing fee and your order all at once.

Can you create artwork from scratch based on my description?

Yes! We have professional designers to bring your vision to life. For very detailed images, this service usually costs around $200 to $300. We will email you a proof of the artwork and make changes at your request. It helps tremendously (and keeps your cost lower) if you can also send us pictures or sketches as a reference point for different parts of your design.

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