Can I see a preview of my item before I buy it?
After you place your order, we will create a full-color proof for every custom item in your order. This allows you to see exactly how your items will look before we actually start stitching them. This also gives you a chance to catch mistakes or make changes before it's too late.

Other stores won't take the time to create a proof for you; you just have to cross your fingers and hope that they get it right. At S4G however, we give you complete control over how the finished garment will look. Learn more about our process here.

When will I get my proof?
You should receive your proof via email within 2 business days after placing your order, but if your design is very complicated, it may take longer.

Why can't I see a proof before I pay?

At S4G, we treat every piece of paraphernalia like a custom work of art. Your proof is created by real human artists, not by some automated software. Our team consists of the most advanced designers and embroiderers in the industry. We pay our team members a salary plus benefits for their time and expertise. Therefore, we require full payment up front before we begin any design work. Once we receive your order and payment, we will provide a full color proof for your approval. We will make unlimited changes until you are happy with the design. Once we get your final approval, we will begin the actual production process.

What happens if I don't like the proof that is sent to me?
You may request as many changes as you want until the proof looks exactly how you want your garment to look.
Changes are done at no extra charge unless you ask us to digitize a new image that is not already on our website.

What if I've received a proof, but now I've changed my mind and I want to cancel the order?

We will be happy to make necessary changes to your proof until you are satisfied. If you have simply changed your mind, however, and want to cancel your order after we've designed the proof (not due to any fault on our part), we will issue you a store credit.

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